Sentence Examples

  • 34) and lived in relations now amicable, now tyrannical (e.g.
  • No less a tyrannical master than the Turks and the sheiks;, the country revolted in 1834, but the insurrection was quelled.
  • His tyrannical disposition was increased by the assassination of his colleague, Beltchev, in 1891, and of Dr Vlkovitch, the Bulgarian representative at Constantinople, in 1892, and eventually proved intolerable to Prince Ferdinand, who compelled him to resign in May 1894.
  • The English rule, if often weak, had never proved tyrannical, and they had a great dread of French taxes and French officialism.
  • These promises he observed more faithfully than Norman kings were wont to do; if the pledge was not redeemed in every detail, he yet kept England free from anarchy, abandoned the arbitrary and unjust taxation of his brother, and set up a government that worked by rule and order, not by the fits and starts of tyrannical caprice.

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