Sentence Examples

  • The Atlanta night was muggy and dark; a thin layer of smog trapped the city's light and made the sky glow an eerie yellow-orange.
  • Sometimes, after coming home thus late in a dark and muggy night, when my feet felt the path which my eyes could not see, dreaming and absent-minded all the way, until I was aroused by having to raise my hand to lift the latch, I have not been able to recall a single step of my walk, and I have thought that perhaps my body would find its way home if its master should forsake it, as the hand finds its way to the mouth without assistance.
  • Ideal for flying on dark ' muggy ' winter days or as it gets dusk - you see things MUCH BETTER in the gloom !
  • Finding the Goldie 's BOP at sea level saved us a hike in hot, muggy weather up some steep slopes.
  • Hot conditions are expected to develop across many central and southern areas today with a muggy night to follow.

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