Sentence Examples

  • So it's probably just as well to keep the Scentsy Tropical Collection away from the Fall & Winter assortment, as the fragrances of pineapple and pine tree tend to negate the romance of their respective seasons.
  • Each process does leech some nutrients, but the beet is a veritable nutritional powerhouse to begin with, so a certain degree of deterioration doesn't negate the vegetable's positive properties.
  • While shoppers may be accustomed to going online to find the best deals on household items, when it comes to patio furniture, shipping costs will often negate even the best online deals.
  • Remember, authoritative parents are just as responsive as the permissive parents, but they do not allow their responsiveness to negate any boundaries that benefit their children.
  • On the other hand, an Under Armour Youth Negate jersey with "anti-abrasion zones" and specific venting and wicking features will run as much as three times more.