Sentence Examples

  • It's very common for the 12 animal zodiac signs to be used as tokens of good luck, especially when you wish to negate any potentially negative elements.
  • Sometimes ticket sellers will try to negate the money saved by the deal by selling cruisers travel insurance, drink plans, or other unnecessary add-ons.
  • On the other hand, an Under Armour Youth Negate jersey with "anti-abrasion zones" and specific venting and wicking features will run as much as three times more.
  • So it's probably just as well to keep the Scentsy Tropical Collection away from the Fall & Winter assortment, as the fragrances of pineapple and pine tree tend to negate the romance of their respective seasons.
  • Each process does leech some nutrients, but the beet is a veritable nutritional powerhouse to begin with, so a certain degree of deterioration doesn't negate the vegetable's positive properties.