Sentence Examples

  • If people in your current life have been revealed to you in a past life and are open to participating in a regression, you, too, may be able to validate your past life recollection through their regression sessions.
  • However, that doesn't mean they were tolerated (even Sappho's poetry only partially survives) and so wearing the label of "lesbian lovers" gives women a way to establish and validate their relationships.
  • To validate that joy through an emotion you feel is sometimes difficult, but reading poetry can release that joy, that emotion, and give it validation through tone, if not always with exact words.
  • The best way to validate that a Tiffany ring is real is to have it evaluated by an expert appraiser who can confirm its authenticity and let you know how much the item is worth.
  • A home inspection report can be a way to validate the value of a home, based on the property condition information provided by a third party: the home inspector.