Sentence Examples

  • Biot further ascertained that this rotation of the plane of polarization varies as the distance traversed in the plate and very nearly as the inverse square of the wave-length, and found that with certain specimens of quartz the rotation is in a clockwise or right-handed direction to an observer receiving the light, while in others it is in the opposite direction, and that equal plates of the rightand lefthand varieties neutralize one another's effects.
  • This convention, which tended to neutralize the dependence of Servia upon Austria-Hungary by facilitating the export of Servian goods through the Bulgarian ports on the Black Sea, brought about a war of tariffs between Servia and the Dual Monarchy.
  • Augustinianism reacted against attempts to tone it down in theory or neutralize it in practice, until at last it broke loose in the form of Protestantism.
  • France had a rival candidate for Elizabeths throne in Mary Stuart, the wife of the dauphin who soon ~ (1559) became king as Francis II.; and Spanish favor was sought to neutralize this threat.
  • Zinc carbonate is added to the mixture (to neutralize the acid formed), which is kept warm for some days and well stirred.

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