Sentence Examples

  • In the Eschenhagen pattern instrument, in which a single quartz fibre is used for the suspension, two magnets are placed in the vicinity of the suspended magnet and are so arranged that their field partly neutralizes the earth's field; thus the torsion required to hold the magnet with its axis perpendicular to the earth's field is reduced, and the arrangement permits of the sensitiveness being altered by changing the position of the deflecting magnets.
  • This means that portion which neutralizes the acid employed for testing, and the degrees mean the percentage of Na 2 O thus found, whether it be present as Na 2 CO 3, NaOH, or sodium aluminate or silicate.
  • One neutralizes the other and the effect is bad.
  • This hydroxide, although possessing powerful basic properties, is unstable in the presence of alkalis and neutralizes them, being converted first into the isomeric benzene-diazotic acid, the potassium salt of which is obtained when the diazonium chloride is added to an excess of cold concentrated potash (A.
  • Lime is a base and neutralizes the acid materials present in badly drained meadows and boggy pastures.

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