Sentence Examples

  • Each movable web must pass the other without coming in contact with it or the fixed wire, and without rubbing on any part of the brasswork.
  • In the middle of this slide a stiffly fitting brass disk is inserted, to which a small turn-table motion may be communicated by an attached arm, acted on by two fine opposing screws accessible to the astronomer; and by their means the " fixed web " may be rendered strictly parallel with the movable one.
  • For this purpose it is only necessary to direct the telescope to some distant object, bisect that object with the movable wire, and read the number of revolutions and parts of a revolution of the screw; now reverse the micrometer box 180° and repeat the observation; the mean of the two readings will be the point required.
  • Next the star B is bisected by the fixed web and A by the movable one.
  • Thus the fixed wire can be set exactly on star A by the screw s, while star B is simultaneously bisected by the movable wire, or vice versa, without disturbing the reading for coincidence of the wires.

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