Sentence Examples

  • 21), however,are ambulatory, creeping forms,living in rock-pools and walking, as it were, on the tips of the proximal branches of each of the tentacles, while the remaining branches serve for capture of food.
  • Gunther [19] to belong to the same family (Cladonemidae) as Cladonema and Clavatella, and it is reasonable to suppose that the non-parasitic ancestor of Mnestra was, like the other two genera, an ambulatory medusa which acquired louse-like habits.
  • - Clavatella prolifera, ambulatory are known of sessile medusa.
  • 48), where it is ambulatory, in Gonionemus (Trachomedusae), and in Cunina (Narcomedusae), where it is parasitic.
  • 21), with a peculiar ambulatory medusa is a British form.

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