Sentence Examples

  • Amiens and Chartres, at three churches in Rome, and in certain cathedrals elsewhere in Italy.
  • Linz possesses two cathedrals, one built in1669-1682in rococo style, and another in early Gothic style, begun in 1862.
  • The cathedrals at Trani and Ravello also have bronze doors by the same sculptor.
  • As to vestments, in the choir offices, the surplice only was to be used; the hood being added in cathedrals and colleges; and by all graduates when preaching, everywhere.
  • Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley (vide Ellis's lecture) regarded the French ton de chapelle as being about a minor third below the Diapason Normal, a' 435, and said that most of the untouched organs in the French cathedrals were at this low pitch.