Sentence Examples

  • The mouth is wide, bounded by stiff immobile lips, and curves slightly upwards at the hinder end.
  • The first duty was to effect the relief of the British forces which had been rendered immobile, and another duty imposed by political circumstances was to relieve Kimberley (where Cecil Rhodes was), while the prospect of rebellion forbade the complete denudation of the central part of the colony.
  • French started from Ramdam (near Graspan) eastward on that day, intending to make a wide sweep round Cronje's immobile army.
  • He grew up among enemies, and became artful, suspicious and self-controlled, concealing his feeling behind the mask of an immobile, almost repulsive, coldness.
  • The forms comprised in the various groups, whilst exhibiting an extreme range of variety in shape, as may be seen on comparing an oyster, a cuttle-fish, and a sea-slug such as Doris; whilst adapted, some to life on dry land, others to the depths of the sea, others to rushing streams; whilst capable, some of swimming, others of burrowing, crawling or jumping, some, on the other hand, fixed and immobile; some amongst the most formidable of carnivores, others feeding on vegetable mud, or on the minutest of microscopic organisms - yet all agree in possessing in common a very considerable number of structural details which are not possessed in common by any other animals.

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