Sentence Examples

  • The latent discontent of the allies was soon fanned into hostility by the intrigues of Mausolus, prince of Cardia, who was anxious to extend his kingdom.
  • The loss of energy could not be greater than this on the simple kinetic theory, unless there were some evolution of latent heat of co-aggregation, due to the work done by the mutual attractions of the co-aggregating molecules.
  • In the case of a solid or a liquid, the latent heat of isothermal expansion may often be neglected, and if the specific heat, s, be also taken as constant, we have simply 0-00 =s log e0/00.
  • If the substance at the temperature 0 undergoes a change of state, absorbing latent heat, L, we have merely to add the term Lie to the above expression.
  • Even before this latent antagonism was made plain there were many minor matters which were sufficient to precipitate a rupture in particular congregations.

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