Sentence Examples

  • Dampier's statement of the mode of incubation (New Voyage round the World, ed.
  • Incubation, however, is so difficult a thing to determine that it is unwise to lay down any positive limit.
  • A parasite may be restricted during a long incubation-period, however, and rampant and destructive later (Ustilago).
  • It is polygamous, and the male performs the duty of incubation, brooding more than a score of eggs, the produce of several females - facts known to Nieremberg Rhea.
  • The instincts of nest-building, incubation and the rearing of young, though they occur later in life than those concerned in locomotion and the obtaining of food, are none the less founded on a hereditary basis, and in some respects are less rather than more liable to modification by the experience gained by the carrying out of hereditarily definite modes of procedure.

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