Sentence Examples

  • Forests and fields beyond the camp, unseen before, were now visible in the distance.
  • "Here are strangers, mama!" cried the shrill and childish voice of some unseen person.
  • His readers needed most the moral heroism of fidelity to the Unseen, which made men "despise shame" due to aught that sinners in their unbelief might do to them (xii.
  • But the real nature of these unseen principles eludes our research: they are only known to us by their external manifestations.
  • The duke of Norfolk was a Protestant, but his convictions were weaker than his ambition, and he fell a victim to Marys unseen charms. The Catholic north of England ~~ was to rise under the earls of Westmorland and andexNorthumberland, who objected to Elizabeths seizure communiof their mines and jurisdictions as well as to her proscription of their faith; and the pope was to assist with a bull of deposition.

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