Sentence Examples

  • I've killed hundreds to keep you safe and undiscovered, and I'll kill hundreds more.
  • He left the library and Traveled to one of the remaining, undiscovered safe houses at the base of one of the mountains.
  • That would be reason enough why the bones went undiscovered for four decades.
  • The chief of his other contributions to optics was the explanation of the rainbow - an explanation far from complete, since the unequal refrangibility of the rays of light was yet undiscovered - but a decided advance upon his predecessors, notably on the De radiis visas et lucis (1611) of Marc-Antonio de Dominis, archbishop of Spalato.
  • Filicales and Gymnosperms, and known as the Cycadofihices, a group in which, curiously enough, the reproductive organs remained undiscovered for some time after the anatomy of the vegetative organs was sufficiently well known to afford clear evidence of their true affinities.

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