Sentence Examples

  • In heredity, complete albinism among animals is always recessive; and partial albinism (piebald) is always recessive to complete pigmentation (self-coloured).
  • The recessive nature of albinism and its distribution in Mendelian fashion is almost certainly as true for man as for lower forms. This has been shown by W.
  • If we assume that the two negresses which the third son married were themselves carrying albinism recessive - an exceedingly probable condition considering that albino negroes are not uncommon - the result is accurately in accordance, as W.
  • Then, in the scheme below, if A b and (A)N b are two brothers who both marry normal wives N, their children N(A) in the first case will be all normal in appearance but will be carrying albinism recessive; and in the second case some will be pure normal individuals N, and some will be like the children of the first brother, i.e.
  • It happened, however, that a recessive colour in one generation becomes the dominant in a succeeding one.

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