Sentence Examples

  • - The most important treatises (apart from those mentioned under "Editions") are Muller, Plautinische Prosodie (1869); Spengel, Reformvorschlage zur Metrik der lyrischen Versarten( 1882); Klotz, Grundziige altromischer Metrik (1890); Skutsch, Forschungen zur lateinischen Grammatik and Metrik (1892), Iambenkiirzung and Synizese (Satura Viadrina) (1896), continued by the author in a work called 'Was (1903); Leo, Die plautinischen Cantica and die hellenistische Lyrik (1897); Maurenbrecher, Hiatus and Verschleifung int alien Latein (1899); Ahlberg, De proceleusmaticis (1900), De correptione iambica plautina (1901); Jacobsohn, Quaestiones plautinae (1904); Radford, on the "Recession of the Latin Accent" (in Amer.
  • When the economy entered recession, the workhouse conditions had to be worsened more.
  • Their effect may have been to dissipate the potential assailing force of breaking waves and thus slowly decelerate coastline recession rates.
  • Recession of the plateaux margins has exposed underlying Mesozoic strata and, in some areas, the Paleozoic basement.
  • Cliff recession and landsliding present significant problems to many communities around our coast.

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