Sentence Examples

  • Ethel raged on for sever­al minutes, listing in graphic detail exactly what she'd do to her partner—now ex-partner—until Dean managed to get her to agree to sign a complaint so the police could begin a quiet search.
  • The volume which describes her conventual life is as graphic as Miss Brontes Villette, but we can only dwell on one passage of it.
  • About 1190), in his biography of Thomas Becket, gives a graphic sketch of the London of his day and, writing of the summer amusements of the young men, says that on holidays they were "exercised in Leaping, Shooting, Wrestling, Casting of Stones [in jactu lapidum], and Throwing of Javelins fitted with Loops for the Purpose, which they strive to fling before the Mark; they also use Bucklers, like fighting Men."
  • The whole account gives a graphic description of the inner working of one among the many new oracles that were springing up at this"period.
  • It was won by Jonny Knight, the senior graphic designer, who did a picture of Kev with a big afro.

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