30 Creative Classification & Division Essay Topics

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Updated June 24, 2020
Essay topic list for types of gardens
    Essay topic list for types of gardens
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A standard part of essay writing for most students is breaking down your points in an essay outline. This idea is the main concept behind classification and division essays. Choose one of these interesting topics and explain the categories it can be broken into or how something has been categorized wrong in the general population.

Classification Essay Topics

A good classification essay describes in detail how the parts relate to the whole in a given category. Some educators suggest classification essay topics should be things you can argue have been placed in the wrong category. This type of essay would fall into the persuasive essay category.

Classification essay topics that ask you to show how something has been categorized incorrectly include:

  • Bowling categorized as an Olympic sport
  • Women playing on men’s sports teams
  • Illustrated chapter books: comic books vs. graphic novels
  • The enforcers of sports rules: referee vs. umpire vs. official
  • Modern outdoor sports (ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, etc.)
  • Elements of the U.S. constitution that are antiquated/outdated
  • Youth protests
  • Rules about teens trick-or-treating
  • Holistic medicine covered by health insurance
  • Teasing categorized as bullying
  • Types of snacks called “chips” that aren’t actually chips
  • Caffeinated drinks categorized as energy drinks
  • Earbuds categorized as a type of headphones
  • Movies with a lot of CGI graphics are animated movies
  • Reality shows that should be considered scripted

Division Essay Topics

While many consider division and classification essays the same thing, some educators suggest division essays are an opportunity to divide a topic into important categories as a way to explain the complexity of a seemingly simple subject. This type of essay is meant as more of an informative essay.

Classification and division essay topics that allow you to divide a subject into categories include:

  • Types of social media posts
  • Types of memes
  • Healthy breakfast foods
  • The Democratic party factions
  • The Republican party factions
  • Modern parenting styles
  • Elementary teaching styles
  • Calming techniques that work
  • Types of gamers
  • Places that haven’t been explored by humans
  • Best inventions since sliced bread
  • Extracurricular activities colleges care about most
  • Types of gardens
  • Teenage spending habits
  • Occupational fields that can never be remote

Classify and Divide Your Essay

As you choose a classification and division essay topic, look for those you would categorize as appropriate for your grade level and skip over topics you know you should avoid. Then, divide your essay into the standard parts of an essay. From sports topics to psychology topics, look for a classification essay topic you can back with personal experience.