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  • The formers Roman ambition was made more and more plainly visible by the occupation of the kingdom of Naples and of the Marches,and the entry,of Miollis into Rome; while Junot invaded Portugal, Radet laid hands on the pope himself, and Murat took possession of formerly Roman Spain, whither Joseph was afterwards to be transferred.
  • All the Protestant re - formers are of theological importance - Luther, Melanchthon and 1 " Mystical Theology " is described in Addis and Arnold's Catholic Dictionary as a " branch " of Moral Theology.
  • This intention produced me dissensions among the Habsburgs, especially between impertal the emperor and his brother Ferdinand, and other SUCCeS causes were at work, moreover, to undermine the 51011, formers position.
  • The dipterous gall-formers include the gall-midges, or gallgnats (Cecidomyidae), minute slender-bodied insects, with bodies usually covered with long hairs, and the wings folded over the back.
  • - ?1556), Scottish poets and religious re - formers, were natives of Dundee, where their father James Wedderburn was a prosperous merchant.

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