Sentence Examples

  • "No. Too much time elapsed before the killing was known and made public," I answered.
  • Not more than a few minutes could have elapsed, and yet there he lay – possibly dying.
  • For during the year that elapsed before he left Swabia (and whilst he sojourned at Neuburg and Ulm), and amidst his geometrical studies, he would fain have gathered some knowledge of the mystical wisdom attributed to the Rosicrucians; but the Invisibles, as they called themselves, kept their secret.
  • Disappointment, and before many months had elapsed it was.
  • The occurrence of a large number of common roots proves them to be derived from one source, but the great variety of dialects - sometimes unintelligible between tribes separated by only a few miles - cannot be explained except by supposing a vast period to have elapsed since their first settlement.

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