Sentence Examples

  • The former FBI agent was appalled over the attack by Owen Bryce and his subsequent death.
  • Two days and nights had passed since Dean's siren-serenaded ride to the Montrose Hospital and subsequent forty-eight hour stay in its friendly confines.
  • The point I'm trying to make is, we lack confirmation, especially in view of subsequent events.
  • Shipton might have begun to consider that Edith tried to kill him, but I'm inclined to believe he saw where he could use the attempt on his life to give reason for her remorse and subsequent 'suicide'. Remember, he changed his story about blaming me for his fall.
  • Fichte (the younger) did not escape this misinterpretation of Lotze's true meaning, though they had his Metaphysik and Logik to refer to, though he promised in his Allgemeine Physiologie (1851) to enter in a subsequent work upon the "bounding province between aesthetics and physiology," and though in his Medizinische Psychologie he had distinctly stated that his position was neither the idealism of Hegel nor the realism of Herbart, nor materialism, but that it was the conviction that the essence of everything is the part it plays in the realization of some idea which is in itself valuable, that the sense of an all-pervading mechanism is to be sought in this that it denotes the ways and means by which the highest idea, which we may call the idea of the good, has voluntarily chosen to realize itself.

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