Sentence Examples

  • The short excerpt from Ctesias, which Photius has preserved, contains useful information, although we must always mistrust him.
  • 2 Published in excerpt by Wiistenfeld along with Azraqi (aeipzig, 1857-1859).
  • - The most complete collection of periodicals in all languages ever brought together is that preserved in the British Museum, and the excerpt from the printed catalogue of the library, entitled Periodical Publications (London, 1899-1900, 2nd ed.
  • Circa 1200), and others, proceeded further on the sameLlines; Euthymius, in particular, often uses an excerpt instead of giving his own exposition.
  • The authors of the Hebrew historical books, as we now have them, do not, as a rule, as a modern author would do, rewrite the matter in their own language; they excerpt from pre-existing documents such passages as are suitable to their purpose, and incorporate them in their work, sometimes adding at the same time matter of their own.

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