Sentence Examples

  • He remembered her paraphrase of John Donne while they were sitting in the park, "No man's death diminishes me because I won't let it."
  • It is probable that, as in Palestine an Aramaic paraphrase of the Hebrew text was found to be necessary, so in Alexandria the Septuagint grew up gradually, as need arose.
  • To Lasthenes in which al &Karai Kai Ta TXf 7 are mentioned, I Macc. I I, 35 (Beloch, by an oversight, refers to the paraphrase of the documents in Joseph.
  • Among her works were a paraphrase of the Octateuch in hexameters, a paraphrase of the books of Daniel and Zechariah, a poem on St Cyprian and on her husband's Persian victories.
  • By the wish of ZEthelweard he also began a paraphrase 3 of parts of the Old Testament, but under protest, for the stories related in it were not, he thought, suitable for simple minds.

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