Sentence Examples

  • Just summarize what you think it is.
  • To summarize the characters of a true mushroom - it grows only in pastures; it is of small size, dry, and with unchangeable flesh; the cap has a frill; the gills are free from the stem, the spores brown-black or deep purple-black in colour, and the stem solid or slightly pithy.
  • It may be useful to summarize here the experience which has been gained in the formation of plantations of Hevea and in the production of rubber.
  • If we define the positive direction along a tube of electric force as the direction in which a small body charged with positive electricity would tend to move, we can summarize the above facts in a simple form by saying that, if we have any closed surface described in any manner in an electric field, the excess of the number of unit tubes which leave the surface over those which enter it is equal to 47r-times the algebraic sum of all the electricity included within the surface.
  • Here we can only summarize the points of the investigation.

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