Sentence Examples

  • If you've found or put together the words that exquisitely summarize your union, you will want your guests to have a clear understanding of what you or a friend of yours is reading or reciting on stage.
  • Here we can only summarize the points of the investigation.
  • To summarize, the first literary activity of Portugal was derived from Provence, and Provencal taste ruled for more than a century; the poets of the 15th century imitated the Castilians, and the 16th saw the triumph of Italian or classical influence.
  • In what follows an attempt will be made to summarize the facts and indicate the conclusions to be drawn from recent experience.
  • Now that the narrative of Persian kings has been brought up to the period of the consolidation of the Kajar dynasty and commencement of the 19th century, there remains but to summarize the principal events in the reigns of Fath Ali Shah and his immediate successors, Mahommed Shah and Nasru d-Din Shah.