Sentence Examples

  • It is now necessary first to recapitulate the chief points in the problem, and then to attempt to explain them by a comparison of the myths of various races.
  • To understand the reasons for this, it is necessary briefly to recapitulate the course of events in that country since Gordon had left it in 1879.
  • It is unnecessary in this place to recapitulate the many results which had accumulated by the end of the 18th century, or to discuss the labours and theories of individual workers since these receive attention under biographical headings; in this article only the salient features in the history of our science can be treated.
  • It is a long document of 63 clauses, in whi4 Archbishop Langton and a committee of the barons had en.deavoured to recapitulate all their grievances, and to obtain redress for them.
  • It would be impossible to recapitulate here the great quantity of material in the shape of memoirs which has come down, but mention must be made of those of John Chrysostom Pasek, a nobleman of Masovia, who has left us very graphic accounts of life and society in Poland; after a variety of adventures and many a well-fought battle, he returned to the neighbourhood of Cracow, where he died between 1699 and 1701.