Sentence Examples

  • The smell was so strong there that Rostov held his nose and had to pause and collect his strength before he could go on.
  • The success of these ventures prompted him to collect his poems in 1722.
  • Some of the scavengers, like the burying beetles, inter the bodies of small vertebrates to supply food for themselves and their larvae, or, like the "sacred" beetle of Egypt, collect for the same purpose stores of dung.
  • The object of both was to collect all halakhoth having a practical importance, omitting all those which owing to circumstances no longer possess more than an academic interest, and excluding the discussions on them and all agada.
  • The other vigils are recognized in the calendar (including those of the saints) and the rubric directs that "the collect appointed for any Holy-day that hath a Vigil or Eve, shall be said at the Evening Service next before."

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