Sentence Examples

  • The superiority of animals to plants and metals in the possession of special organs of sense is connected with the greater complexity and heterogeneity of their structure.
  • Dissolution, and finally reaches the statement of the Law of Evolution as" an integration of matter and concomitant dissipation of motion, during which the matter passes from a an indefinite incoherent homogeneity to a definite coherent heterogeneity, and during which the retained motion undergoes a parallel transformation."This process of evolution is due to" the instability of the homogeneous,"the" multiplication of effects "and their" segregation,"continuing until it ceases in complete" equilibration."Sooner or later, however, the reverse process of Dissolution, with its absorption of motion and disintegration of matter, which indeed has always been going on to some extent, must prevail, and these oscillations of the cosmic process will continue without end.
  • Lord Rayleigh has pointed out that the difference may arise from the heterogeneity of alloys.
  • " In the same way, a theory that some particular substance, say water, is homogeneous and continuous may be a good working theory up to a certain point, but may fail when we come to deal with quantities so minute or so attenuated that their heterogeneity of structure comes into prominence.
  • Whether this heterogeneity of structure is or is not consistent with homogeneity and continuity of substance is another question.

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