Sentence Examples

  • According to the Child Development Institute, it has been shown that children with Fragile X who are integrated into "normalized" educational and social environments "achieve above the level that would have been predicted from measured IQ".
  • When symptoms continue even after treatment or to rule out the presence of other illnesses with similar symptoms, the diagnostic evaluation may include blood tests, a hydrogen breath test, or an x ray of the bowel, called a barium enema.
  • Press Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle, Circle, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X, then Square.
  • Choices for your backsplash may include 12-inch marble or onyx tiles lit from behind, 6 x 12-inch glass tiles set in a running bond, or 18-inch metallic finish tiles that fill the space with only one vertical grout line every 18-inches.
  • You really need to have it X-rayed.