Sentence Examples

  • This is a way that you can do anything from control the commands of your computer (ask it to open documents, delete files, navigate through a webpage, etc.) to write essays, emails, and applications with a hands-free mode.
  • The only difference is that, in addition to navigating to the app screen where the app you want to delete is located, you'll also need to open the app folder so that the icon for the app becomes fully visible.
  • If you can't decide which software to use based on the descriptions and reviews of these programs, the beauty of freeware is you can download the program, see if it works for you and delete it if it doesn't.
  • High-quality images will take up more space on the storage card, but you can delete undesirables as you go.  Next, adjust the ISO setting, plus the color balance and exposure settings within the menu.
  • Cyber pets can be of several varieties, from animated cyber pets that you interact with through your web page to a full program that resides on your computer and doesn't leave unless you delete it.