Sentence Examples

  • With Jefferson and Chancellor George Wythe he drew up a new law code for Virginia.
  • With a liberal Scotsman, Dr William Small, then of the faculty of William and Mary and later a friend of Erasmus Darwin, and George Wythe (1726-1806), a very accomplished scholar and leader of the Virginia bar, Jefferson was an habitual member, while still in college, of a partie carree at the table of Francis Fauquier (c. 1720-1768), the accomplished lieutenant-governor of Virginia.
  • The last two were parts of a body of codified laws prepared (1776-1779) by Edmund Pendleton, 3 George Wythe, and Jefferson, and principally by Jefferson.
  • Jefferson is of course not entitled to the sole credit for all these services: Wythe, George Mason and James Madison, in particular, were his devoted lieutenants, and - after his departure for France - the principals in the struggle; moreover, an approving public opinion must receive large credit.