Sentence Examples

  • The round-faced Limbaugh delivered facts that shined a light on the liberal slant to mainstream media with a sense of humor, but his weight made him an easy target for jokes for those who did not hold his views.
  • If you want to emulate the iconic trench-coat look made popular by Hollywood, go for beige or tan coat that is double-breasted, with side slant pockets, a back vent, and shoulder epaulets.
  • The features you receive determine how much you pay; however, all models feature adjustable resistance and slant, built in LCD displays to monitor stats and heart rate monitoring.
  • Khakis: An old standard in a rugged design, these cotton shorts have a hidden adjustable waist, mini-coin pocket and front slant pockets and the fabric has a mild crunched look.
  • The message board live posts are a double-edged sword, however, because the fans offering the recaps may only focus on their favorite storylines or slant the actions of characters based on their own personal viewpoints.