Words That Start With F For Kids

Updated May 26, 2021
f words for kids example of fan
    f words for kids example of fan
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Have you ever wondered how to increase your students' vocabulary? Of course, reading is one of the best ways to build vocabulary, but there is still a time and a place for good ol' fashioned word lists, especially with young learners. One of the simplest ways to approach the subject is to walk through the alphabet to introduce new words and concepts. Explore these F words for kids from preschool through elementary grades.

Preschool Words That Begin With F

Preschoolers will love exploring these simple three- and four-letter words that start with F. Learning these words will help preschoolers recognize the F sound and start building a strong vocabulary from an early age.




















Printable Worksheet: Writing the Letter F

Learning basic words that start with F goes hand-in-hand with practicing writing the letter. Use this quintessential preschool trace-the-letter activity to let your little learners practice their fine motor skills.

kindergarten tracing the letter f worksheet

Printing letter f worksheet

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Kindergarten F Vocabulary List With Definitions

Even though the words are small, kindergarten achievements are large. Do you remember the joy you felt when you pulled a few letters together to form a word for the first time? Spread the fun to kindergarteners with these basic F words for kids.

  • fade - to become less bright
  • fall - to drop or come down
  • fan - a device that moves and cools the air
  • far - a long way away
  • fawn - a young deer
  • feet - the parts of the body that touch the ground
  • fence - a barrier used for protection
  • fig - hollow, pear-shaped fruit with sweet, pulpy flesh
  • fin - a wing-like limb attached to many animals living in water, used for swimming
  • flow - an act of moving or running smoothly
  • fog - a mist of water vapor low to the ground
  • for - the purpose, destination, recipient, or amount of something
  • fork - a tool with a handle and prongs at the end
  • fun - something that brings pleasure, joy, or playfulness
  • full - something that contains all it can hold

Printable Activity: Connecting F Words to Pictures

In the free printable worksheet below, learners are tasked with matching a picture to the word it represents by drawing a line. The activity features line drawings illustrating six of the kindergarten F words along with the terms. You can also combine the worksheet with an art lesson by allowing kids to color the pictures.

f words for kids matching activity

F words for kids matching activity

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Early Elementary: F Vocabulary List

Early elementary students in grades 1-3 are ready to tackle longer and more complex words than preschoolers. During these years, there's an opportunity to touch on consonant blends and suffixes.

  • fact - something that has been proven correct
  • factory - where something is made or assembled
  • famous - someone or something very well-known by a lot of people
  • favorite - a person or thing that is best-liked or treated in a special way
  • feast - a huge meal
  • fierce - cruel, violent, or intense
  • fifteen - five more than ten
  • finally - in conclusion, at the end
  • find - to locate something that was once lost
  • fine - money charged to a person for doing something wrong
  • flew - having moved through the air
  • float - to be suspended in water
  • flood - an overflowing of water onto normally dry land
  • flock - a group of animals that live as a group
  • flutter - to quickly flap wings, vibrate, or tremble
  • fortunate - someone or something that is lucky or favorable
  • frail - physically weak, fragile, or delicate
  • fresh - recently harvested, produced, or made
  • friendly - kind, helpful, or affectionate
  • frown - a facial expression indicating displeasure
  • fuel - anything that produces energy, power, or heat
  • fuss - a lot of focus on something

Early Elementary Mix and Match Activity

In the early elementary grades, students will spend a lot of time getting acquainted with basic sentence structure. Use this "mix and match" activity to help sentence formation stick in their minds. Use about 20 index cards that students can mix and match to create sentences.

  1. On half the cards, write basic subjects, such as "The fawn," "Feet," or "The fork."
  2. On the remaining cards, write out sentence predicates like, "fell down the hill," "flew over the treetops," or "fusses over my plate of spaghetti."
  3. Ask students to pick index cards from the "subject" pile and the "predicate" pile.
  4. Read the combinations aloud (either the students can do it or you can).

Some of the sentence combinations will make perfect sense. Others will create waves of grade-level-appropriate chuckles.


Upper Elementary: F Vocabulary List

During the upper elementary grades 4-5, students will build on their language and spelling skills from previous years. This is a perfect time to dissect some commonly misspelled words that begin with F. Send your students off to middle school without a heavy reliance on spellcheck and autocorrect.

  • fairway - the part of a golf course covered with short grass
  • fame - be well-known, talked about, or having celebrity status
  • fatal - something that causes death
  • fatigue - extreme physical or mental tiredness
  • feign - to make up a story or act in a way you don't feel
  • finesse - to do something skillfully or slyly
  • fingernail - a thin, transparent plate covering the upper surface of the end of a finger
  • flannel - a soft, woven cloth
  • foliage - plant or tree leaves
  • fond - having a strong affection for someone or something
  • foremost - the most important or relevant
  • forms - pieces of paperwork that need to be filled out
  • frank - a person who is honest and direct
  • freight - cargo or goods transported by truck or other means of transportation
  • frequent - something that happens often
  • frigid - someone or something very cold
  • frugal - not spending a lot of money or being wasteful
  • fugitive - a person who has escaped from something and is in hiding
  • function - the normal action of something
  • furious - full of anger or rage
  • futile - something that is unimportant
  • future - a time that has not yet occurred

Activity: Identify Basic Parts of Speech

Since students are (hopefully) acquainted with basic sentence structure by this age, it might be time to test their ability to identify the basic parts of speech. Help them learn how to identify the main component of subjects (nouns) and the main component of predicates (verbs) all on their own! For this activity, you'll three jars and several popsicle sticks.

  1. Label the jars for nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  2. Write some corresponding words from the list of F words on the individual popsicle sticks.
  3. Ask the class to call out each popsicle stick and sort them into the correct jars.

If you don't have any popsicle sticks, you can write the words on strips of paper instead.

Fanciful Fantasies: Beyond F Words for Kids

Let your children's love of learning flourish with these vocabulary words that begin with F. Build up their knowledge of other words that start with this letter by exploring adjectives that start with F next. From there, move on to verbs with F as the first letter.

WordFinder's list of words that start with F is a great place to build a custom vocabulary word list. You can even fill up the advanced search fields to choose words of particular lengths to differentiate instruction! Then, continue working your way through the alphabet by moving on to words that start with G for kids.