Words That Start With B For Kids

Updated April 27, 2022
b words for kids example of blossom
    b words for kids example of blossom
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Valuable vocabulary lessons come in many shapes and sizes. Learning how to say or spell a word at an early age will set your students up for major success. One approach is to break the alphabet apart and study new words, letter by letter. Set a new letter for each day and embark on a new adventure! Below, you'll find some great B words for kids, as well as some activities that'll ensure learning remains fun.

Preschool Words That Start With B

Making the B sound can be a lot of fun for little learners. Check out these B words that will help preschoolers learn to recognize the B sound and kickstart their affinity for language learning.















Printable Worksheet: Practice Printing the Letter B

Learning simple words that start with B provides a perfect opportunity for young learners to practice writing the letter. Use this basic "trace the letter" worksheet to help kids master writing this letter.

printing the letter b worksheet

Printing letter b worksheet

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Kindergarten Words That Begin With B

Kindergarteners can benefit from learning several simple words that start with B. Learning how to say, pronounce and even spell these words will help kindergarten students build a strong vocabulary.

  • bag - a container that can store and carry items
  • bake - the act of cooking food with dry heat, like in an oven
  • balloon - rubber or plastic which can be filled with air or gas
  • band - a group of people that play music together
  • bat - a piece of wood or metal equipment used to hit a baseball
  • bath - sitting in a tub of water and washing with soap
  • bee - an insect that feeds on pollen and nectar
  • bell - a metal instrument that rings
  • berry - a type of small fruit
  • bet - to wager money
  • bid - to offer a certain sum of money for something
  • big - something large or grand in size
  • black - dark color that has no light
  • boat - a vessel used to carry people or cargo on water
  • brown - color that is a mixture of yellow, red and black
  • bubble - a thin liquid that forms into a ball around air or gas
  • button - a small disk used for fastening two parts of a garment
  • bun - a small roll made of bread dough
  • but - with the exception of
  • bye - an expression of farewell

Printable Activity: Matching Pictures to B Words

Download the printable below for a free worksheet featuring words from the kindergarten list. This fun activity involves matching pictures to words that go along with them. It features six simple B words. Kids are tasked with drawing a line to connect each picture to the correct word. For even more fun, students can color the line drawings on the worksheet.

b words for kids matching activity

B words for kids matching activity

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Early Elementary: Simple Words That Start With B

Early elementary school (grades 1-3) is the time to learn even more B words, from basic terms through new skills and sounds. Try out some compound words and letter blends, such as the "gh" in bought. This is also a great time to emphasize the "i before e" rule with words like believe and brief.

  • banana - a plant grown in tropical regions
  • banner - a sign or flag
  • began - having started something
  • believe - to have confidence in the truth of something
  • been - the past tense of the verb "to be"
  • birthday - the day on which you are born
  • blade - the cutting part of a tool
  • blend - to combine things
  • bless - to protect or make holy
  • blossom - a flower or group of flowers
  • blueberry - a shrub bearing small, edible berries
  • body - the physical part of a living thing
  • bold - prominent or fearless
  • bother - annoy, worry, or cause discomfort
  • bought - purchased
  • brave - having courage
  • bread - a baked combination of flour and liquid
  • brief - short in length or lasting only a short time
  • brownie - a small bar or dense, rich chocolate
  • build - to construct, create, establish, or put together
  • bulb - an underground bud of a plant

Early Elementary Activity With Props

For words to stick in childrens' minds, they have to be able to associate these words with the real world. It's far more difficult to just memorize a list of words and definitions. As you practice each of the vocabulary words above, try bringing some props into the classroom.

  1. Hold up a banana or blow some bubbles.
  2. Ask students to identify the appropriate vocabulary word.
  3. Call on someone to walk up to the board and write out the word.

Activity Idea: DIY Flashcards

To help your students learn each of these words, have them make their own vocabulary flashcards with the words on one side and a picture or definition on the other. Check out this list of commonly misspelled elementary school words for some challenging possibilities to add.


Upper Elementary: More B Words for Kids

Upper elementary school (grades 4 and 5) is the time to help students build their vocabulary and reinforce the spelling skills they've learned thus far. It's also a great time to introduce some new concepts, such as rules for words with double letters.

  • baggage - suitcases or backpacks a person uses when traveling
  • banquet - an elaborate dinner
  • barren - someone or something not fruitful
  • basic - something essential
  • beacon - a person or thing that guides or warns
  • beautiful - having qualities that are pleasing
  • beneficial - something that has a positive effect
  • benefit - something that will provide an advantage
  • between - the space between two points
  • beverage - something you drink
  • bland - lacking in flavor
  • blunder - a foolish mistake
  • blizzard - an intense snowstorm
  • boisterous - something noisy, loud, and rowdy
  • border - an edge or dividing line
  • boycott - to not buy or use products in a show of support for a cause
  • bridge - a structure connecting two sections of land
  • brilliant - someone or something that is very bright
  • budge - to move or change something a little
  • burden - a worry, sadness, or responsibility that is carried
  • burrow - to dig a hole

Art/Vocabulary Activity

A fun way to encourage students to remember important vocabulary words is to ask them to draw one of the words.

  1. Give them some "free draw" time to select one of their vocabulary words on a sheet of paper. For this list, baggage or banquet might be a nice option.
  2. All that's required is paper, crayons, and a pencil. Perhaps they'll need a ruler, depending on the vocabulary word.
  3. Then, you can staple their artwork to a piece of construction paper.

Host a Fun Spelling Bee

A good old-fashioned spelling bee might be a fun way to challenge your students and work up a bit of their competitive spirit.

  1. Line up your students.
  2. Ask each of them to spell a new word.
  3. When they get one wrong, they can return to their seat.
  4. Encourage them to stay engaged in the bee, or allow them to read a book while the competition continues.
  5. Keep going around and around until there's a winner.

B Words for Kids Abound

With the right coaching, we can set little learners up for success from the days of preschool. In fact, the earlier students get excited over small victories like spelling the word bee, the more they'll seek out those opportunities. If you'd like to bolster this B-word adventure, take a look at these free spelling printables. They also offer several tips to help you teach spelling consistently and effectively.

B Is Just the Beginning

Use WordFinder's thorough list of words that start with the letter B to come up with your own vocabulary list full of B words. Just fill up the advanced search fields to choose the letter the words start with or your desired word length. Now that you've covered words that start with B, it's time to move on to the next letter in the alphabet. Get ready to explore words that start with C for kids.