Sentence Examples

  • Along with the standard insignia tab, trefoil pin and American flag, there are now proficiency badges where girls complete projects, as opposed to the Brownie "try its" where merits are easier and more of an experience than accomplishment.
  • Items sold on television are often unique products that perform specific tasks such as the perfect brownie pan with separates or the Wonder Hanger, the Turbo Snake, the Always Fresh Containers and even the Shark Portable Steam Pocket.
  • Once reaching the Brownie level and beyond, it is compulsory that members wear one required element - tunic, sash or vest - for the display of official pins and awards at ceremonial and official Girl Scout events.
  • For a little over $50, a parent can purchase a Brownie Starter Kit which contains the sash in their choice of size, official pins and patches, and a full complement of official Brownie guides, journals, and books.
  • Another helpful hint is to replace the oil in commercial cake and brownie mix with ½ cup of non-fat plain yogurt to produce a great tasting treat without all the fat and calories contained in the oil.