Sentence Examples

  • The 70s are heavily represented with Blondie, Nirvana, the Sex Pistols - there are those who will think it's inappropriate, but a kid getting into rock might like a vintage sound and want to wear a vintage look that matches.
  • Flash took a little bit of Queen and a little bit of Blondie to not only create what is now a hip hop classic but to introduce musicians and fans to the new worlds of possibilities sampling provided.
  • Inspired by the musicians in garage bands such as Blondie, the Velvet Underground, and the Ramones, these rebels of pop music gave something raw and edgy to the hair industry and their music fans.
  • Blondie was all over the board in terms of musical influence: punk, disco, pop and even reggae flavors touched the songs, and that is what kept audiences interested.
  • If for some reason Blondie DO in fact need an introduction, follow the link, and you'll be able to check out this landmark album in its entirety.