Sentence Examples

  • About the same time the successes of Timotheus in the west resulted in the addition to the league of Corcyra and the cities of Cephallenia, and his moderation induced the Acarnanians and Alcetas, the Molossian king, to follow their example.
  • He subsequently recovered his kingdom by the aid of the Acarnanians and Aetolians.
  • But the most frequent votaries were the neighbouring tribes of the Acarnanians and Aetolians, together with the Boeotians, who claimed a special connexion with the district.
  • - Actium belonged originally to the Corinthian colonists of Anactorium, who probably founded the worship of Apollo Actius and the Actia games; in the 3rd century it fell to the Acarnanians, who subsequently held their synods there.
  • In the Hellenistic age the Acarnanians were constantly assailed by their Aetolian neighbours.

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