Sentence Examples

  • The last son of the Second Life is Hayye t'lithaye, the "Third Life," usually called father of the Uthre (Aba d` `Uthre, Abathur).
  • (19), 1 abA) ' ' we may write 12= (cos 27rv 2 .dv) 2 + (f sin zirv 2 .dv) 2 (20), or, according to our previous notation, 12 = (2 - C 2 +(z - Sv)2= G2 +H2 Now in the integrals represented by G and H every element diminishes as V increases from zero.
  • At that time the most powerful of the neighbouring tribes was the Umtetwa (mTetwa or Aba-Tetwa) which dwelt in the country north-east of the Tugela.
  • By Aba Zebra, a pious man who retired from the world and lived in the cave of Hoharewa, in the province of Armatshoho.
  • And Vulgate use "Adam" (Aba,u) in this way freely.