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  • ABADDON, a Hebrew word meaning "destruction."
  • 4, 7; verse 55); " They brought me down to Abaddon " (;r 'm'-; cf.
  • The distinction of good and bad angels is recognized; we have names, Gabriel 4, and the evil angels Abaddon or Apollyon', Beelzebub 6, and Satan'; ranks are implied, archangels 8, principalities and powers9, thrones and dominions 10.
  • Baudissin (Herzog-Hauck, RealencyklopÃdie) notes that Hades and Abaddon in Rabbinic writings are employed as personal names, just as shemayya in Dan.
  • 11 Abaddon ((Abaddon) is used of hell personified, the prince of the underworld.

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