Abagun definition

A type of fowl, Bagrus docmak, found in Nigeria.

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Origin of abagun

  • Abagun is a Yoruba name coined from the name Obagun (Oba Ogun) which means "King Of War". The sons of the Obagun clan were known primarily as liberators. They are required at a particular age after years of training in the spiritual and physical art of war to leave the home of their parents and go into new territories to librate people from old evils. This was the same for Gafaru the first Abagun, who was invited into the land of Ikorodu to help deliver them from an ancient evil that had enslaved the people for decades. His victory led to his settlement in the land and taken an Ikorodu wife as tradition dictated. The change in name was primarily based around the different pronunciation of the name by Obagun by the people of Ikorodu.

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  • Yoruba .Abagun is also found in Ethiopia. According to Webster Dictionary, it is a name of a fowl in Ethiopia

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