Sentence Examples

  • In any case, from this time events followed one another to a speedy conclusion.
  • Thus the Liguorian system surpassed all its predecessors in securing uniformity in the confessional on a basis of established usage, two advantages amply sufficient to ensure its speedy general adoption within the Church of Rome.
  • The excellent commercial position of the town at the mouth of the Witham explains its speedy rise into importance.
  • His support of Hamilton's financial plans not only insured a speedy restoration of public credit, but also, and even more important, gave the new government constitutional ground on which to stand; while his firmness in dealing with the "Whisky Insurrection" taught a much-needed and wholesome lesson of respect for the Federal power.
  • The discourteous and underhanded treatment of this embassy by Talleyrand and his agents., who attempted to obtain their ends by bribery, threats and duplicity, resulted in the speedy retirement of Marshall and Pinckney.

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