Sentence Examples

  • Benjamin Hoadly, the newly-appointed bishop of Bangor, scented the opportunity and wrote a speedy and able reply, Preservative against the Principles and Practices of Non-Jurors, in which his own Erastian position was recommended and sincerity proposed as the only test of truth.
  • It was therefore natural that Haggai and Zechariah should urge the speedy building of the temple, in order that the great king might be fittingly received.
  • The conduct of public affairs, however, at length became so scandalous, that action on the part of the more soberminded and conservative sections was seen to be absolutely imperative if the country was to be saved from speedy and certain ruin.
  • The other colonies interested were anxious to bring the matter to a speedy termination, and readily agreed to this course of procedure.
  • Subsequently, in the declaration of the 14th of June, arbitrary power either in the parliament or in the king was denounced, and demand was made for a representative parliament, the speedy termination of the actual assembly, and the recognition of the right to petition.

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