Sentence Examples

  • She misled even Zeus to take a hasty oath, whereby Heracles became subject to Eurystheus.
  • His corrections are often hasty and false, but a surprisingly large proportion of them have since received confirmation from MSS.
  • The Cave report showed that Egypt suffered from the ignorance, dishonesty, waste and extravagance of the East and from the vast expense caused by hasty and inconsiderate endeavours to adopt the civilization of the West.
  • Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson left Malta in March 1889, and was succeeded by Sir Gerald Strickland (Count Della Catena), who lost no time in pushing, and carrying with a rapidity that was considered hasty, reforms that had been retarded for years.
  • Sending, therefore, hasty orders to the 5th and 6th cavalry divisions to concentrate to the west of Marsla-Tour, the prince ordered them from there to sweep round on the right rear of the French army.

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