Sentence Examples

  • Maybe it was brash and immature, even careless, but she intended to accept his proposal - even knowing as little as she did about him.
  • The demon lord was brash, aggressive – and almost always honest, until it came time to deal.
  • Reincarnation left his power stunted and him far less brash in how he used what remained.
  • You are such an enigma, one minute all cocky and brash, the next formal and chivalrous.
  • Part of him rejoiced while another part of him thought the boon was too easily won from the creature before him.  There had to be a catch.  Death wouldn't agree to anything so easily.  He found himself wishing for the advice of Andre or Kris, men smart where he was brash.  She said nothing else and Rhyn turned away, striding out of the chamber.

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