Sentence Examples

  • Talon's reckless, but he's cunning and he's suddenly playing very smart.
  • "I have you for reckless endangerment, driving while under the influence, driving an impaired motorized vehicle while dark, and speeding," he summarized, handing her one ticket for each crime.
  • Winter mountain driving was not for the reckless or faint of heart, but the Deans were neither.
  • The alternative – that Death might see Rhyn as a viable leader for the Council – was inconceivable.  No self-serving, reckless, half-evil being could be entrusted with the fate of humanity!  Baffled by the deity's bizarre visit, Kris pushed the memories out of his mind.  He had to find Rhyn.  He picked up his rucksack and joined Kiki outside the tent.  Kiki stood before a portal on the dark beach.
  • There's a difference between free will and having the deck stacked against you.  Humans need someone to protect them from these reckless Immortals, not to mention the demons.

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