Sentence Examples

  • A bullet had pierced his skull.
  • He obeyed reluctantly, and on the 14th of June 1835 was wounded by a musket bullet in the calf of the leg.
  • The bullet was not extracted from Baird's wound until his release.
  • The ellipsoid is the only shape for which a and (3 have so far been determined analytically, as shown already in § 44, so we must restrict our calculation to an egg-shaped bullet, bounded by a prolate ellipsoid of revolution, in which, with b =c, Ao= fo (a2 + X)V [4(a2+X)(b +X)2]-J0 2(a2 +X)3/2(b2+X), (13) Ao+2Bo = I, (t4) _ B 0 t - A 0 I a?I-A0' Q I - Bo I-{- A o I-?
  • Moseley was in Australia with the British Association in 1914 when the World War broke out; he returned to England, obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers, and was killed by a Turkish bullet on the Gallipoli peninsula on Aug.