Sentence Examples

  • The world will still need ever-smarter specialists doing ever-more complex work.
  • Specialists were contributors.
  • A corps of specialists - Boas, Dall, Dorsey, Gatschet, Hewitt, Mooney, Pilling, J.
  • It maybe assumed as desirable that the demand for cotton should be so spread as to keep its price as steady as possible - " steadiness " will be defined more exactly later - and that to this end it is essential that specialists should devote themselves to the task of spreading it.
  • Working~ hand il hand with these politicians, not always in accordance with them, but preserving a solid front, were the specialists, Carnot, Robert Lindet, Jean Bon SaintAndr and Prieur de la Cte dOr, honorable men, anxious above all to safeguard their country.

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