Sentence Examples

  • While official Cannes Film Festival events are restricted to members of the film industry, the non-professional can get in some premium celebrity watching in a beach environment where skimpy clothing have become a Festival tradition.
  • Summer sleep shirts are a happy medium between skimpy lingerie that looks great on but isn't the most comfortable thing to wear and a long flannel or cotton nightgown that your significant other may not find the most attractive.
  • Extra accessories, like rhinestones, o-rings or side-tie bottoms will break the illusion that you have on nothing at all, so a plain but skimpy nude bikini is your best bet for making it look invisible against your body.
  • Instead, it's wise to focus more on how you feel about yourself, maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle instead of being anxious over how you look in a bathing suit, whether it's a one-piece or a skimpy two-piece.
  • When you look at this particular style, the first thing you'll realize is that it is not as skimpy as some of the suits featured on Skinzwear and Beach and Dance, but this suit remains very attractive nonetheless.