Sentence Examples

  • Children are not the most gentle creatures on the planet, so if you are looking to buy a special child in your life a watch that will last them a while, it is definitely best not to skimp on the dollars.
  • If you consistently skimp on sleep, your body is in a state of stress with weakened immune system and off-kilter hormone balances which hardly facilitates health and weight loss.
  • People who deal with a high amount of stress might also suffer from lack of sleep, as well as those who skimp on sleep because they are busy or over stimulated at bedtime.
  • A good travel agent will discuss your vacation needs and wants and help design a getaway that will come in under budget, but won't skimp on fabulous features.
  • Warming up properly is important, so having a few good warm up exercises to choose from can help keep dullness -- and the temptation to skimp -- at bay.