Sentence Examples

  • The examination of the objectives can only be attempted when the different faults of the objective are known.
  • Photog., 1891, 5, p. 225; 18 93, 7, p. 221), cemented objectives of thin lenses permit the elimination of spherical aberration on the axis, if, as above, the collective lens has a smaller refractive index; on the other hand, they permit the elimination of astigmatism and curvature of the field, if the collective lens has a greater refractive index (this follows from the Petzval equation; see L.
  • This artifice is specially adopted in objectives for astronomical photography ("pure actinic achromatism").
  • On this account the lines D and G' are united for ordinary photographic objectives; the optical as well as the actinic image is chromatically inferior, but both lie in the same place; and consequently the best correction lies in F (this is known as the " actinic correction " or " freedom from chemical focus ").
  • Abbe succeeded in computing microscope objectives free from error of the axis point and satisfying the sine condition for several colours, which therefore, according to his definition, were " aplanatic for several colours "; such systems he termed " apochromatic."

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